Colonso exists to nurture the Amazon and its people, from Andean mountains to tropical floodplain. Colonso develops new solutions for conservation, education and sustainability, because every person around the world depends on the health of the Amazon. Through education, new generations can surpass the dreams of their parents, and with sustainability solutions, communities can conserve the Amazon.

Colonso is a 2017 global winner of the UN / BMW Group The Intercultural Innovation Award for 'Awakkuna'.

Colonso is proud to be a listed foundation in the employee giving program. Thank you Google employees for your generosity.

Colonso is also proud to be the South American partner of Youth4Plant.


'Forever' is beyond the thinking of many organizations. Colonso is needed, to ensure the protection and prosperity of the Amazon environment and its communities - forever.


Who would you be without your education? Some Amazon communities need support so that they can express their culture and conserve their environment in a world that is built on knowledge.


We must be smarter and cleaner in the Amazon. The lungs of the Earth are at a tipping point but humanity can save them. Amazon communities need sustainable innovation, to tread lightly on fragile soil.

Amazon Environment

The lungs of the Earth. The source of the Amazon.
The most diverse biosphere on Earth.
Jaguars, Pumas, Bears, Black Jaguars, Condors, Otters, Caman, Boas, Tucans, Tapirs, Macaws...
Inconceivable value.  Unbelievable size.  Unimaginable challenges.


Colonso works closely with project partners like, Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam - built in the Amazon, for the Amazon. Through partners like Ikiam, we have extraordinary capacity to transform the futures of Amazon children, communities and businesses, to focus their passion on the sustainability challenges of our generation.

  • Conservation
  • Colonso Reserve Stewardship
  • Community-led conservation
  • Land use management for buffer zones
  • Environmental sciences field research
  • Innovation
  • Open Amazonia: open innovation for sustainability
  • Sustainable micro-business support
  • Amazon watershed management research
  • Sustainable silviculture

Amazon Communities

Poverty abatement is the key to environmental protection.
Community stuardship is the solution to conserving nature.
Homegrown innovation builds community strength from within.
We work through communities to grow the Amazon - from mountains to floodplain.


Through Colonso, the impact that donors have on the Amazon is multiplied by the number of children we help educate, the number of communities we help to support, and the 93,246 hectares of land we help to conserve.


Colonso exists because of the generosity of the people and organizations that have trusted us to deliver impact in the Amazon. We humbly thank all of Colonso's donors - people everywhere who seek to make a difference in the world. Colonso also wishes to highlight the commitment of its significant donors:

Guya is a start-up that wants to share with you the amazing experience of drinking Guayusa. A plant with super potential. Guya’s donation (and that of its founder Sebastian), demonstrates Guya’s commitment to ethical business and to empowering local indigenous communities, who produce guayusa sustainably.

Google Giving

Each year Google employees make generous donations to their chosen charities, listed by Benevity. Colonso is one of those charities. Colonso recognises Google for its employee contribution scheme, and we sincerely thank the generosity of its employees.